Berks County, PA

I started my photography business in the beginning of 2014.
I photographed anything I could to practice with my new camera. Later that year, on a cool
but lovely November morning, I married the man of my dreams. In 2018 Kervin and I welcomed our
first child, Emerson. He completely stole our hearts the moment we met him. We welcomed our second
son, Spencer, in 2020. Spencer and Emerson have already become great friends!

Although my photography business has grown and changed since 2014,
I still love working with new people and making great friends. Seeing the love and excitement a bride and groom bring on their wedding day is a favorite of mine! I love to serve them in this way, and
I would be happy to meet you as well. :)


Sunshine makes me happy!

I could shop every blessed day.

I love plants, though I usually drown them or starve them.

Whoopie pie cake is my childhood favorite.

Basketball is my favorite sport.

If I could travel anywhere, I'd choose Rome.

I am a follower of Christ.








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